This Month - JANUARY/FEBRUARY (and beyond)


Saturday, January 27th: Jay will continue a study on "Growing to Maturity" at 1 PM for all who are interested.


Tuesday, January 30th: The Havurah meeting, at the Shul on Tuesday night will be studying Genesis.


Saturday, February 3rd: Our Shaliach, Dan Juster will be ministering at the Shabbat Service. We are hoping that Patty Juster will also be joining Dan.


Sunday, February 4th: We will be hosting the Tikkun Institute with Dan Juster and others leaders. The topic is “What Does the Bible Say about Social Justice.”


Sunday, February 25th: Save the date for the next Sisterhood meeting. Details to follow.


Wednesday, February 28th: We will have our Megillah Reading (the Book of Esther) at 7:15pm. More details to follow on the date/details for our Purim Party.


 Sunday, March 4th: We will have a Family Purim Play and Carnival at 2:30pm.


Tikkun Restore Conference: A special registration rate for members and attendees of Tikkun Congregations is available before January 31. Please see the flyer on the downstairs table for more further details. This year’s Conference is very likely to sell out with Dr. Michael Brown as one of the speakers.

A NEW  GIVING APP FOR BETH AM MESSIAH:  TITHE-LY  - Tithes, offerings, Voice of the Martyrs, and zadacha (charity) can now be given anytime, anywhere, on your smartphone or ipad simply by downloading the tithe-ly app and specifying Beth Am Messiah. Please also say “yes” to covering the small transaction fee.

Just a reminder:  We do not have permission to park in the lot next to our building.  We do, however, have permission from the Police Station to park in the lot across the street, diagonal to our building, on Shabbat.

Charitable Offering This Month:

This month’s charitable offering is going to Tents of Mercy, a ministry that provides humanitarian aid to Jewish people in the Land. Checks can be made out to: Tikkun International  PO Box 2997 Gaithersburg, MD 20886